How to Scare the Burglar Off!

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Without going to the extremes of the infamous ‘Home Alone’ booby traps set by Kevin for Harry & Marv (Fake gun shots, heated door knobs etc). Here at Home Secure we have a few more realistic ideas to give the burglar an unexpected scare.


For any burglar planning a potential break in an alarm is the perfect product to give them an unexpected fright. There are many different types of alarms that you can use around a property to warn off any unwanted visitors. The most popular is a complete alarm system which relies on sensors fitted around the inside of the property. When one of the sensors is triggered, usually by heat or motion detection the system sets of a siren. More advanced systems can also be linked to other buildings around the property such as a shed or garage.

The problem with traditional alarms systems is that they are usually on a timer to allow the owner to enter the property and then only siren after a set period of time has passed. This could give potential burglars a few extra seconds to quickly steal an item and get away.

To solve this problem it is a good idea to fit shock alarms to access points around the property such as windows and doors. A shock alarm is a small box which can be retro-fitted onto any window or door. It has a motion sensor meaning that when any movement is detected it sounds a loud siren instantly scaring off any unwanted visitors.


The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen so having good lighting is an integral part of security for any property. Outdoor lighting should consist of good quality flood lights ideally with motion detection to trigger them when movement is sensed. A unexpected super-bright beam of light is bound to give a burglar a freight and warn them off. Another piece of lighting equipment that is recommended is an automatic switch timer. The timer can be attached to a socket to turn on a light at set intervals throughout the day to give the impression the property is occupied. 

Deterrent Productsprikka-strips

There are quite a few different burglary deterrent products on the market. A personal favourite of ours is the fake tv. This is an ingenious product that has a built in computer which shines LEDs at varying intensity’s and colours just like a television does, giving the impression to a would be burglar that somebody is home. There are also many ‘anti climb’ products on the market to make it more difficult to gain access to your property via fences or walls. The two most popular anti-climb products are prikka strips and anti-climb paint. It should be noted when using these types of products appropriate warning signs must be displayed or the property owner could be at risk of legal action if any harm is caused by them. However usually just the sight of these products is enough to scare of any unwelcome intruders. 

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