Why Buy Avocet ABS Euro Cylinder Locks?

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Thursday, December 18, 2014

Here at Home Secure we often get asked the question which euro cylinder lock is the best and why should I buy it? As of todays date 18/12/2014 we are recommending the Avocet ABS euro cylinder lock. In this article we are going to give our opinion on why this lock is the best on the market and the reasons for that.



Security Ratings

Quite simply Avocet ABS is the highest rated cylinder out there in terms of security. It is British Standard rated and complies with TS007:2012 3 star security standards. There are other cylinders that will also comply with these but the stand out difference with ABS is that it is the only cylinder to be accredited with the Sold Secure Diamond Standard rating. Sold Secure independently test security products and as part of testing ABS locks additional professional locksmith tools are used, which are not used as part of TS007 testing.


ABS keys are high security dimple keys which require special machinery to cut them. You also receive a security card with the keys and a security key code. If somebody wants to get extra keys cut they must have this security code and purchase them from an approved centre. This drastically reduces the chances of somebody having additonal keys cut without your consent. ABS also has a horizontal key way which is quite a recent development and in our opinion is a deterrent to would be burglars.

Same Key Options

Having locks on the same key or ‘keyed alike’ is nothing new but with ABS it is so much easier. As each lock comes with a security card and a unique code this means ABS store how your lock needs to be built and locks can be made together or even at later dates to match your existing ones. This not only works with all euro cylinder products but also ABS padlocks and rim cylinders. With this system it is very simply to have your whole house on the same key (front door, back door, shed, garage, gates).



If you are looking for euro cylinders locks then you are pretty quickly going to realise they come in a HUGE range of sizes. When retro-fitting these products you may come across some odd configurations that some manufacturers may not stock. With ABS this isn’t a problem as cylinders can be built in increments of 5mm starting from 30mm up to 60mm. In our experience you are not going to find a cylinder product out there that won’t be covered within this size range. Not only do ABS have a wide range of sizes but also two different finishes (Chrome & Brass) for you to choose from. All these sizes and finishes are also available with a thumb turn option. To complete the range there is a smaller half cylinder for garage doors or to insert into padlocks.

Design/ Branding 

The ABS locks is manufactured by Avocet Hardware which is a company that has been around a long time and holds an excellent reputation in the industry. in 2012 the company was taken over by the Jain Family who have since invested over £10 million  pound in the business. In this time Avocet ABS has continued to grow and become recognised as the leading cylinder in the market. Avocet ABS are also the sponsors of Neighbourhood Watch and registered as Secured by Design Police Preffered Product for added peace of mind. The product also looks great and has a real high quality feel to it.


Hopefully the points made above have given you a in depth analysis of why we think Avocet ABS is the best lock on the market. Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.

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