5 Things that can make your home safer for children

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

safety-gateBringing a baby into your home is certainly life changing, but it also means you need to look at your surroundings in a way you probably never have before.

Children are curious individuals and this can unfortunately put them in danger, unless you have taken every precaution possible to ensure they are as safe as can be.

In the UK alone, more than one million children a year are taken to hospital after being involved in accidents in the home, so  installing child safety equipment is key to creating a more secure environment for your child.

And although it doesn’t replace the need for supervision, it can certainly reduce the risks.

So with  careful planning and a few minor alterations, you can reduce the risk of accidents when your little one feels it’s time to explore.

Don’t wait until the worst happens before you think about the safety of your child, here are just some safety precautions you can take in order to prevent accidents in
the home.

1. Fit Window Locks

As well as the obvious security benefits, window locks can also prevent your child being able to climb out of your home. Remember that older children will be able
to open catches or locks, so it’s good idea to keep keys for locks out of reach of young children while also being in a place that’s easy for adults to reach in case of an emerwhite_trojan__51525_zoomgency.

2. Install Safety Gates

Essential for any house that is home to youngsters to stop babies and toddlers climbing stairs, or more importantly, tumbling down them. They are also good for stopping children going into rooms that pose a danger, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. For more information on installation, click here

3. Use Locks and Catches

These are ideal for doors, cupboards, fridges and dishwashers – basically anywhere you don’t want your little one to go. They can also stop tiny fingers getting into places where harmful substances are kept, such as medicines cabinets and cleaning cupboards.

restrictor_silver_24. Attach Window Restrictors

On those hot summer days you don’t want to be sat in with the windows closed, but if there are young children around, it’s understandable you might be reluctant to have them wide open. Using window restrictors allows you to keep the window open but prevents children forcing them open to be able to climb out.

5. Fit Child-resistant Gate Latches 

These are really important for stopping children getting out of the garden or play area onto the road outside and the obvious dangers that can pose. It can also prevent them getting into other people’s homes, not to mention dangers like next
door’s pets, swimming pool or even pond.

See how our UPVC releasable restrictors can allow you to leave your windows open while preventing children from climbing out.