8 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

secure-your-homeSometimes you just cant prevent crime, specifically burglary. If someone is determined and skilled enough then they will get their hands on your property no matter what obstacles they face. However, the last thing you should be doing is making it easier for them. Statistics were recently released by the Co-Op Insurance company which reveal what the most common mistakes home owners are making in regards to home security.

Are You Making These Mistakes?

  1. Keeping your sheds unlocked?
  2. Leaving out anything that can be used to break a window?
  3. Leaving your windows open?
  4. Having deliveries hidden in the garden/outside the house?
  5. Leaving your ladders in the garden?
  6. Hiding keys in the garden/under a plant pot
  7. Posting on social media when you are going on holiday?
  8. Leaving tall items under a window?

We are all susceptible to being burgled.

Hopefully, by cutting back on these everyday mistakes we will be keeping one step ahead of the burglars and keeping our property safe.