What Really is a ‘Smart Home’?

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

Quite simply, a ‘Smart Home’ is named as such as it is geared to make the lives of the occupants much more easier. It is a whole system of devices and appliances that work together in tandem to save you money, time and energy. We have had certain types of smart devices in our homes for years, things such as remote controlled garage doors etc. With the advent of new and improved technology and devices the ‘Smart Home’ looks like its going from strength to strength.

Smart-Home-IconHow Does It Work?

The ‘Smart Home’ is only as good as the devices that are in it. By using a technology system called M2M (Machine to Machine) the ‘Smart Home’ can self monitor itself. M2M is a process where machines independently communicate with each other and share data. Remote devices can be connected to each other making it simpler to manage costs and efficiency.

Can I Buy a ‘Smart Home’?

Technically speaking a ‘Smart Home’ isn’t the home itself but what you use inside it. It is not one giant bricks and mortar entity but many items all linked together. You can purchase ‘Smart Home’ appliances and devices that are on the market right now. For instance, you may have heard of ‘Nest‘. They are a company that produces home automation devices that aim to heat and protect the home. They specialise in a smart thermostat that learns how the occupants live and changes temperature to suit the situation, thus saving energy.

Is It Safe?

Like with anything to do with wireless remote devices there is always a risk of hacking. As the ‘Smart Home’ industry is relatively new there are no world wide regulations to keep an eye on the technology and the manufacturers. Most of the devices currently on the market are not geared to integrate seamlessly with each other, making it difficult for the consumer to guarantee that all their devices are secure. The first and most important thing you can do when you first start using smart devices is to use passwords that are strong and difficult to hack!

The future looks set to be all about ‘Smart Homes’ and ‘smart devices‘. With one or two tweaks and some crossover regulations this new technology should be a force for good.