Benefits of a Burglar Alarm

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Thursday, August 25, 2016

Houses are vulnerable no matter how much security you have on them. It is down to the homeowner however to have adequate and up-to-date equipment to deter burglars as much as possible. One of the major weapons a homeowner has in their arsenal is a decent burglar alarm. Modern burglar alarms need not be expensive. Gone are the days when a house would have to be wired up to accommodate alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Today’s security cameras are cheap, light weight and can be controlled wirelessly.

Alarming Statistics

With that being said, studies have shown that the more security you have on your home the less likely it is to get burgled. The Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) concludes that the  ‘presence of multiple security devices in combination was associated with a significantly lower risk of being a victim of burglary’. Therefore, things like window locks, CCTV, deadlocks, 3 Star cylinders, signs etc all combine to make your home a safer place.

Homeowners can go to all these lengths to secure their home but some are still making cost worthy mistakes like not setting their alarm, as the chart shows below: