The Dangers of Pokemon Go!

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Thursday, September 1, 2016



Pokemon GONE!

Everyone loves Pokemon Go, none more so than the unscrupulous individuals out to make a quick buck. Reports have shown that the phenomenon known as ‘Pokemon Go’ has led to a spike in crime up and down England and Wales, not to mention the rest of the World!


As the stat on the left shows just in the month of JULY alone there was a total of 290 incidents involving crime related to Pokemon Go. The incidents happened up and down England and Wales with the district of Lancashire unfortunately leading the way with a total of 39 reported crime incidents!

Types of Crime?

As Pokemon Go requires its players to walk around isolated areas holding out their Smartphones its no surprise that theft is the biggest issue. Both Greater Manchester Police and the Met noted incidents of Pokemon “lures” being set, leading to phones being snatched. However, there has been reports of numerous other crimes related to the game such as fighting/ violence, attempted abductions, road accidents and West Midlands Police referred to someone being “offered sexual favours”.


Pokeon Players Aren’t All Innocent!

Reports have also shown that the actual Pokemon players themselves are committing crimes. Anti social behaviour linked to the game has increased as well as trespassing on private land and property. The quest for certain Pokemon characters has seen players stop at nothing in their pursuit. A spokesman for Pokemon Go developers Niantic urged people playing the game to “abide by local laws”

Safety issues related to Pokemon Go are still ironing themselves out. Always try and stay in a group and don’t stand in the middle of a busy road trying to catch a Snorlax or a Marowak!