The 10 Best Places to Raise a Family in the UK

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Halifax Children’s Quality of Life Survey

It can be hard finding the perfect place to live, add kids into the mix and that task can sometimes seem impossible. Ultimately, having kids means you need to start thinking about schools, road safety, social activities, crime rates etc…

Although this seems like an impossible task – weighing up every possible scenario – The Halifax Children’s Quality of Life Survey has narrowed down the best locations to raise a family.

Aspects such as employment rates, school performance levels and average house size have all been taken into consideration. Not only economic and educational factors are being included in this survey but individual well being as well. For instance Halifax has included data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for things like happiness, anxiety, health etc.

Top 10 Places to Raise a Family in the UK

1. Orkney Islands (Scotland)

2. Shetland Islands (Scotland)

3. Western Isles (Scotland)

4. Hambleton (Yorkshire & the Humber)

5. South Oxfordshire (South East)

6. Ribble Valley (North West)

7. West Somerset (South West)

8. Mole Valley (South East)

9. Chiltern (South East)

10. West Oxfordshire (South West)



Click on the link under the infographic to view the official press release where you’ll find all the statistics: