The Dangers of Devices on Planes

Posted by: Home Secure | Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016









We’ve all been told to turn off our phones and other devices whilst flying 30,000 feet in the sky. Some of us ignore this request and go about our business tweeting or listening to music. However, the time for a complete ban on devices in the sky could be upon us.


Any problem that occurs once you’re thousands of feet in the sky is potentially catastrophic. Anything from faulty engines to pilot error can bring down a massive passenger jet. Instead of technology making flying safer it could be actually making it more dangerous. With planes becoming more electric and digital there is more and more risk of things short circuiting or catching fire.


Most of your devices from smartphones to laptops require a battery – more specifically, a lithium ion battery. Now, lithium ion batteries are prone to ignite and cause fires, if this occurs at a plane’s cruising altitude then it’s pretty much a catastrophic event with many fatalities. To combat the onslaught of passenger’s using their devices on their aircrafts some companies have banned specific brands. For instance, certain airlines in Germany and Australia have outright banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as it has been discovered that it can explode during or after charging! Fortunately, Samsung has recalled the faulty devices, which adds up to staggering 2.5 million!

With that being said, look for your local airport guidelines on what they advise on battery powered devices. Keep your phones/laptops/tablets switched off just incase, at least until your safely back on the ground!