Guide To ERA Everywhere

Posted by: Ant Johnson | Date: Thursday, February 16, 2017








What is ERA Everywhere?

Firstly, ERA’s expertise have been with us for a very long time, almost 200 years! As their logo states they have after all been ‘Securing Britain’s Homes since 1838’. They are a tried and trusted British company that’s known for high quality security solutions. With that being said, the demand for Smart Home technology has prompted this security giant to add some of its own products into the connected home mix.

The term Everywhere is key to ERA’s new range of products. You can literally monitor your home or property from anywhere and everywhere.

Connected Everything

A great feature of the ERA Everywhere range is that it is totally modern yet does not need a technical expert, or even a tradesman, to set it all up. You can simply download the free app from your phone once you have plugged in the main control panel. Once this has been done the dual network allows you to set up 5 numbers on the system to receive alerts. The homeowner can connect it to their telephone line as well as inserting a sim into the control panel. This allows them to receive calls from the telephone line and texts messages to their smartphones via the sim card. Also, push notifications can be sent to the homeowners phone to keep them updated on what’s going on at their home or property.

All of the ERA communicating alarm system packages comes with sensors. The beauty of these sensors is that you only have to pull the battery tag out and the sensor will work automatically and connect itself to the control panel. Not only do they supply standard sensors for doors and windows etc but they also have smart sensors that can detect vibration and even water to prevent flooding!

ERA Future

Smart or connected homes are set to grow fivefold to 463 million users worldwide by the year 2021! With the likes of Google, Apple, Samsung etc investing in the connected home market its easy to see why ERA are expanding their products also. The difference is however,  ERA are a specialist security company who’s expertise will surely see them become a major player in the future of the connected home.

See infographic for more info on the future on the smart/connected home.